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Mátyás Szepesi (HU)

March 2 @ 21:28

Mátyás Szepesi is the songwriter and lead member of the band Konyha. He started playing guitar at the age of 14, and has been writing lyrics since he was 22, initially for other bands and front men. He was guitarist in the band Magashegyi Underground from 2011 to 2018, and has been a regular performer at Random Trip concerts since 2011. He founded his own band Konyha in 2010, driven by the need to realise his own lyrical ideas without compromise. In 2019, Szepesi was awarded the title of Lyricist of the Year at two different forums: at the Dal 2019 television show and at the Petőfi Music Awards Gala. In recent years, in addition to Konyha, he has also been commissioned to write songs for other bands: in addition to traditional popular music artists (Margaret Island, Random Trip, Bogi Nagy, Swing A La Django, Biga, Nicolas Takács, Hooligans, Odett, Mónika Nika Veres, etc.), he has also worked on film soundtracks (Nagykarácsony 2021, Együtt kezdtük 2022). The Band Subtone took second place in the Dal finals in 2022 with a song Szepesi co-authored with Gábor Subicz (Nem segít más – Noone else is here to help) In the autumn of 2019, he launched a series of lectures entitled Rímek Párban (Rhyme Pairs), in which he interviewed songwriters (guests: Zoli Beck, Fluor, Tamás Molnár, Caramel, Kornél Esti), and this project later evolved into a songwriting course. During 2021, he was a speaker at several thematic events on songwriting (Orfű Songwriting, Agóra-Dalóra workshop). In the summer of 2022, the Campus Festival will host a four-day “Bring a toothbrush!” songwriting camp.