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We believe in songwriters, and we believe that the success of songwriting depends on connecting talented authors in the Central-European region with each other, and with the world. To achieve this, we’re holding the sixth DEX Songwriting Expo where creators can inspire, learn, and make new connections.

In 2023, DEX consists of 4-4 thematic masterclass events in spring and autumn, focusing on songwriting, lyric writing, music production and music business & collaborations. Masterclasses (and additional exclusive workshops) provide access to the professional secrets and best practices of Hungarian and international songwriters and music professionals, both in English and Hungarian.

DEX Songwriting Expo is organised by Artisjus.

Our mission is to help music creators work deliberately, provide opportunities for professional development, build community, and help the creation of a network of professional studios and creators. The success and impact of songwriters is crucial for Artisjus, as this is how we too can effectively represent the interests of songwriters and their musical work.


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