Johnny K. Palmer (10.19.)

Maria Broberg (11.03)

Diaz (11.23.)

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Roland Körmendi (HU, NL): What makes a song a hit?

Groundfloor Hall

Roland Körmendi (SMiTHMUSiX) has written and co-produced music for world-famous rap/hiphop/pop artists like DomiNo, Snoop Dogg, Marc E. Bassy; as well as Hungarian A-listers. At DEX, Roland will share some...

Monoir (RO): Orientalism in pop music

Groundfloor Hall

“Creating ideas from nothing but your phone recorder” Through practical examples of his own, Monoir (Cristian Tarcea) will shed a light on how orientalism inspires and affects his vision as...

Gergő Rácz (HU): A song’s character

1st Floor Hall

How do you make any given 3 seconds of your song unmistakable? What are the musical and music theoretical solutions at your disposal that can help you align the various...