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Drinks and finger food for the songwriter people who are ready to mingle.

Almost Famous Music Business School (HU): Music industry and management 101

1st Floor Hall

The music industry is complex with many different actors. As a songwriter and performer, it is not so easy to see through the business side of music: who is who and who to turn to and when you want something to get done. György Réz, the teacher of the Almost Famous Music Business School, gives...

HIPO presents: Kata Kozma (HU, USA): How to co-write online – best practices

Groundfloor Hall

How to find co-writers online? What tools help us create music together when nothing but the internet connects us? What is worth agreeing on with our future co-authors before capturing the very first chord? Kozma Kata advises on the practicalities of online collaborations and shows us how she writes music with others. To her, Bence...