What’s new for DEX Songwriting Expo 2022?

The most important change is that we have extended the event, and it is now a 4-day event. Each day will focus on a different topic: songwriting; lyrics writing; music production; music business and collaborations.

What type of tickets can I choose from?

Brand new for 2022: besides the conventional Songwriting Expo tickets, you can now purchase tickets for online participation that allow you to connect to the selected programs using your computer or smart device. These online streaming tickets are available at a discounted price.

I am a registered songwriter in Artisjus’ online system (SZIR). Am I eligible for a discount?

Yes! For three weeks after the start of ticket sales, SZIR-registered authors can buy their tickets at a discounted price (day pass:  HUF 3500, event pass: HUF 9000).

I have an online streaming ticket, but I decided I would like to attend the event in person. Can I swap my ticket?

Yes, you can. Please, contact us at expo@artisjus.com, and we will get in touch with you to guide you through the process.

What language are the programs held in?

The programs will be held in English and Hungarian. The event guide will list the languages of the various programs.