Harald Hanisch

One of Austria’s most successful songwriter-producers. With many outstanding hits, he contributed to the career of Christina Stürmer, who is one of the most successful Austrian singers in the whole German-speaking area (in Germany and Switzerland as well). Besides her, several other performers made his songs a success: Eva K. Anderson, Florian Scheuba, Doris Golpashin, Tagträumer and others. He teaches composing and songwriting at the Vienna Music Academy, and has also held many masterclasses. He is the Vice President of the Austrian Composers' Association, leader of the pop-rock division.

Will Simms

The London-based French songwriter and producer’s first song called 4 Ever Happy ft. Ruben Bonell landed in the Spanish Top 10 and a massive Vodafone campaign. Since then, he released several tracks with guest artists, mixing electronic dance music with Caribbean influences and as a member of the Sharoque duo, he credits many remixes. He worked on several hits of the Danish Nabiha, the British The Vamps and the debut album of Ayah Marar, but he earned his greatest successes in the K-pop world. He wrote songs for the Girls’ Generation, the SNSD and the EXO, which all have huge and dedicated fan bases outside of Korea as well.

February 18 | Concert Hall | 11:00–12:05
Will Simms

Songwriting workshop

Margaret Island

Founded by Viki Lábas, Kristóf Törőcsik and Bálint Füstös, Margaret Island is one of the most popular bands in the Hungarian pop music scene. Ever since its first song, ‘Eső’ (Rain) became a smashing hit, the band have been a permanent addition to the line-up of domestic clubs and festivals, and to radio top lists. In, 2018, Margaret Island released its third album, on which such contributors can be found as JumoDaddy, Andris Áron ‘Apey’, Péter Gerendás or János Bródy. In the same year, the three founders were awarded the Junior Artisjus prize. In spite of the awards and successes, with their positive and thought-provoking pop music, the band still sincerely believes in playing music for the pure joy of it.

Apey & the Pea

One of the most hardcore bands of the domestic metal scene, Apey & the Pea's unique, dark performance elevates the classic metal sound to a whole new level. The gruesome atmosphere of the band's concerts was not only felt by fans in Hungary but also in Eastern European and London. During the ten years of its career, the trio has received several Hungarian and foreign awards, including the Hungarian Music Award in the Best Metal Album of the Year category. Apey & the Pea played its latest album, called Hex, in front of a full a house not just at the album premiere show, but also at festivals and during the countryside tour. Hex opened the gates for the new generation of metal.

Krisztián Szakos

Krisztián Szakos composer, music producer and musician. In 2000, he won a prize for his remix of Ákos’ song, ‘Keresem az utam’. Since, he has been known as a songwriter and music director. As a songwriter, he has worked with András Kállay Saunders, Orsi Kozma or with Dénes Pál, while as a producer, he made albums for Caramel and Magna Cum Laude. He also took a principal role in the two latest songs by Magdolna Rúzsa, Légzés and Aduász. He has been a member of Ákos’ band for ten years, and as the arranger of their concerts. He visited cities such as Rome, Moscow or Paris. He attended the Eurovision Song Contest in Baku and Copenhagen – as a producer and songwriter. He works on his own project, Gattaca Studio in Budapest.

Ferenc Molnár Caramel

Ferenc Molnár - also known as ‘Caramel’ - drew a country’s attention to himself when he won the second season of the Hungarian Pop Idol (Megasztár) back in 2004. He was not only a performer, but he wrote his own songs that found their way to the audience’s heart. After more than 14 years of unbroken success, he is still one of the most beloved Hungarian songwriters. His tracks have been downloaded more than 100 million times on various platforms, he gave 4 sold-out shows in Budapest Arena and toured Hungary several times performing on many theatre and festival stages. As a performer and songwriter, he won the Hungarian Music Award for Emerging Artist of the Year (2006), he released 5 platinum albums and he ranked on numerous occasions on the Petőfi Radio TOP40 list (national pop radio station) and MAHASZ TOP10 Album list (Hungarian group of IFPI).

Peter Benjamin Toth

Péter Benjamin Tóth dr is a Legal and Communications Specialist, Director of Artisjus’s Business Transformation Department. He oversaw the launch and implementation of Artisjus’ communication strategy in 2010. He regularly holds lectures on copyright issues for both lawyer and artist students. The founder of the Dal+Szerző magazine and blog.

February 19 | Library | 15:30–16:00
Peter Benjamin Toth

Trapped In Tricks – The legal pitfalls of the songwriting career

Vera Jónás

Singer-songwriter, Vera Jonas won the Hungarian Music Award for Best Alternative Album of the Year and the Junior Artisjus Award. She studied music at the London Center of Contemporary Music School and was given the opportunity to participate in the United States’s One Beat program. The singer's special tone and soft but vibrant melodies were not only noticed overseas; her orchestra’s, Jónás Vera Experiment's first album, titled GAME, charmed even Japan. In 2017, Vera was invited to the Eurosonic and South Korea's Zandari Festa, and at home, it became the finisher of the Nagy-Szín-Pad talent show. When the singer is not on a European or American stage, she writes music for movies and commercials.

Daniel Bankuti

Bálint Bakonyi

László Dés

László Dés has been present in Hungarian music scene since 1974. Composer and performer with enormous musical talent and inexhaustible inventions, whose name is one with countless popular songs, jazz information, stage and movie sound. His songs, his saxophone play, his musicals, his movie and his contemporary pieces can be seen on more than forty albums and five DVDs. Dés has created a permanent role in the various fields of art as composer and composer. He holds numerous domestic and international professional awards and honors. (Kossuth Prize, Ferenc Liszt Prize, Merited Artist, Artisjus Prize). As a young artist at the San Sebastian, Dunkirk and Karlovy Vary jazz festivals he won the best soloist prize and performed concerts with his orchestras in many countries in Europe and around the world, with praising criticisms everywhere. His most famous creations are Szerelem első vérig, Nagy utazás, Vigyázz rám, Trio Stendhal, Jazz+Az, Book of Jungle, Somewhere in Europe, Male and Female, The Streetcar Named of Desire, Pál Street Boys.

Csaba Faltay

Csaba Faltay is a composer, producer, sound engineer, music expert. He was also involved in the production of stage works such as Az ember tragédiája (2013), Csók-Kiss (2013) or Peter Pan (2007) and music written for films such as Szürke senkik (2016), Swing (2014) and Kontakt (2006). He wrote music for more then 60 commercials for companies such as Coca Cola, Telenor, Vodafone, Kraft Foods, McDonald’s, Nestle, Procter and Gamble or MasterCard. He worked as a musician for the records of Kistehén, Emil.Rulez and Rémember, and as a sound engineer for Zuboly and Amber Smith. In addition to this, he was responsible for the editing and licensing the music of dozens of plays, documentaries and TV films.

György Hegyi

Songwriter, journalist, tutor at the Kőbánya Music School, lyricist-bassist of the former Emil.RuleZ!. In addition to his pop adventures, he worked for several large companies in the telco sector, later in the radiocafé 98.6’s editorial office and other creative companies. As a member of the Lunatics Group, he is currently working on the creative-communication utilization of company data assets.

Barnabás Hidasi

Barnabás Hidasi (HLSTUDIO) is a multi-platinum sound engineer, producer. With nearly 25 years of professional experience behind him, he has been involved in Hungarian and international productions as well. He produced several Hungarian Music Award-winning records, and he won the professional award for ‘The Engineer of the Year’ in 2014. He manages musical projects, their technical and artistic coordination, in which a wide range of genres appears. Hidasi worked together with such established Hungarian performers and acts as Bea Palya, Tankcsapda, Miklós Both, Péter Kaszás, Turbo, Zaporozsec, Kispál és a Borz, PUF.

February 18 | Library | 14:00–15:15
Barnabás Hidasi

Barnabás Hidasi


Johnny K Palmer

Johnny K. Palmer has experience in almost every field of the music industry. As a performer, he has been on stage with such world-class stars as Jermaine Jackson or Kevin Max. As a composer, both Universal and Warner Music have asked him to collaborate in projects. As a co-writer, he works regularly with top domestic and foreign performers and music talent show contestants. As a songwriter, two of his songs got into the finals of the Eurovision Song Contest. He is also active as a music director in theatre and movie productions. "I believe that good music is something that captures and moves people."

February 18 | Rooftop room | 15:30–17:15
Johnny K Palmer

A guide to building a STRONG lyric in ENGLISH

Péter Pejtsik


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