Will Simms

Apey & the Pea

László Dés

Csaba Faltay

György Hegyi

Barnabás Hidasi


Johnny K Palmer

Margaret Island

Ferenc Molnár Caramel

Péter Pejtsik

Krisztián Szakos


The collective and coordinated presentation of contemporary Hungarian music – the core mission of Budapest Music Center remains the same ever since its 1996 founding by trombonist and academy professor László Gőz. BMC actively works on establishing the international recognition Hungarian music deserves. The headquarters of Budapest Music Center opened in 2013 to serve the same goal with its 300-seat concert hall, the state-of-the-art Opus Jazz Club, a Music Information Center and Library with a music collection of 100 thousand items, and BMC Records with over 250 classical, contemporary and jazz releases.


Budapest Music Center
1093 Budapest, Mátyás utca 8.
Phone: +36 1 216 7894
Email: info@bmc.hu


We believe in songwriters and we believe that for the success of songwriting it is essential to connect the talented authors of the Central European region with each other and with the world. For this reason, we will organize the second  Songwriter Expo on February 18-19, 2019, where creators will be able to get inspired, gain new knowledge and form new relationships. Attendees can choose from more programs, take a peek into the professional secrets of foreign and Hungarian songwriters and music specialists during lectures, workshops or individual consultations. In February 2019, Budapest will become the capital of songwriting for two days. We believe your place is right there!

The DEX Songwriter Expo is organized by Artisjus.

Our aim is to enhance a more conscious career building for songwriters and to provide them opportunities to develop professionally. Along with building a creative community and nurturing the development of professional workshops, it is of utmost importance for Artisjus that songwriters become more self-aware and successful, as it enables us to represent more and more compositions and songwriters efficiently.


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