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Dániel Bánkuti (HU)

March 2 @ 21:37

Music industry expert, producer, music vlogger, mentor. He is the author of music industry books “Zenei Karrier Önerőből” (Build Your Own Music Career), “Zeneírás és kiadás Önerőből” (Write and Publish Songs on Your Own), “Telt Ház Önerőből” (Securing a Full House on Your Own) and “YouTube csatornaépítés” (How to Build a YouTube Channel). You may also know him as a music content producer and a producer from his lectures, articles and instructional videos. He is currently working as a vlogger for the Magyar Producer Workshop (Hungarian Producer Workshop), a professional channel with over 8,000 followers, and for his own YouTube channel with over 30,000 followers, as well as mentoring music productions.