Johnny K. Palmer (10.19.)

Maria Broberg (11.03)

Diaz (11.23.)

HIPO presents: Kata Kozma (HU, USA): How to co-write online – best practices

Groundfloor Hall

How to find co-writers online? What tools help us create music together when nothing but the internet connects us? What is worth agreeing on with our future co-authors before capturing the very first chord? Kozma Kata advises on the practicalities of online collaborations and shows us how she writes music with others. To her, Bence...

Global Records (RO): From Local to Global

Groundfloor Hall

INNA, Antonia, Carla’s Dreams, just to name a few of independent Romanian record label, Global Records’ artists who have already acquired world fame. What is the secret behind Eastern European productions and their songs’ global success? Where do songwriters fit into this equation? Global Records’ International Promotion Manager Andreea Selaru and the record label’s A&R...

BÖBE (HU): Songwriters’ Guide to TikTok

Groundfloor Hall

BÖBE started her TikTok profile a few months ago and already has nearly 7k followers and 100k likes altogether while being the face of WMMusicDistribution’s TikTok channel. If you are a songwriter or you are just eager to learn about the platform, attend her lecture and get valuable insight into how you can engage with...

Hien (USA, HU): Rebranding as an independent artist

Groundfloor Hall

Hien started her career as one of the young stars of Megasztár (Hungarian TV Talent Show) but, as years went by, she studied at Berklee College of Music and eventually became a self-confident singer/songwriter/sound designer influenced by a wide variation of sounds, from electronica to soul and traditional Eastern styles. Her lecture will dig into...

Pascal Oorts (BE): Let’s discuss what makes a song go beyond ordinary

Groundfloor Hall

When it comes to pop music, we usually think of the really big hits. But what makes a hit? Is it the easy-to-hum melody? The chorus? The relationship between the verse and the chorus? Or is it the lyrics? In his interactive workshop, Belgian producer Pascal Oorts will go through 10 points, listing practical examples...

Johnny K. Palmer (HU, AT): Hands-on Toplining Workshop

Groundfloor Hall

Musical genres like gospel, rock’n’roll, r&b/soul, country, blues, rap, swing and jazz were all born in and conquered the world from the USA and the UK. As a result today in many countries many artists feel comfortable writing and performing their music in English, you could say: it is the language of pop music. In...

Saya Noé (HU, MY) & Ian O’Sullivan (IRL, HU): Lyric-writing in first and second language: dilemmas of self-expression

Groundfloor Hall

Saya Noé grew up abroad but in a Hungarian family and uses English as her mother tongue. Ian O'Sullivan is of Irish origin and lives in Hungary but also writes in Hungarian. The two discuss the relationship between mother tongue and second language, songwriting, expression and linguistic dilemmas. Interviewer: Andrew Hefler This program will be...

Monoir (RO): Orientalism in pop music

Groundfloor Hall

“Creating ideas from nothing but your phone recorder” Through practical examples of his own, Monoir (Cristian Tarcea) will shed a light on how orientalism inspires and affects his vision as an artist and producer, and will reveal the creative process from its beginning to the desired sound. This program will be in English | A...

Roland Körmendi (HU, NL): What makes a song a hit?

Groundfloor Hall

Roland Körmendi (SMiTHMUSiX) has written and co-produced music for world-famous rap/hiphop/pop artists like DomiNo, Snoop Dogg, Marc E. Bassy; as well as Hungarian A-listers. At DEX, Roland will share some exciting behind-the-scenes experiences linked to his first-hand knowledge about writing hit songs. At his lecture, you will get to know how hits evolved throughout the...